BANGKOK – Google Thailand yesterday announced the launch of new initiatives aimed at driving the country’s fast-growing digital economy and stimulating further growth, as well as to provide Thai consumers and businesses alike with greater access and further opportunities to participate in the digital market.

The highlight of yesterday’s launch was that of Google Station, a free, high-speed public Wi-Fi initiative formulated in partnership with CAT Telecom, which will first commence with ten such locations in the capital Bangkok, as well as in the Pichit and Loei provinces. Google plans to expand the initiative’s reach across the country in order to provide more Thais greater internet access in a country that is already known in the region for its fast and stable internet infrastructure.

At the moment, the service will be available in Megabangna shopping mall and the Hualamphong train station.

Google is also partnering with True Digital Park to create Google Space, a digital skills training facility in Bangkok that will serve as a training hub for its Google Ignite students. Google Ignite is a digital marketing course specifically designed for university students to train them and prepare for careers with local companies.

In addition, Google also launched a new functionality for Google Maps specific to Thailand – that is, Motorbike Mode, which aims to help the country’s motorcyclists to plan for their trips by providing alternative routes and shortcuts through the country’s bustling roads as well as provide more accurate travel estimates for motorcycles.

Google also announced plans of relaunching its YouTube Pop-Up Space this coming November in Bangkok to provide Thai content creators access to premier, industry-standard production facilities.

It doesn’t end there – the tech giant also launched a new data plan priced at THB59 a month specifically for YouTube Go, an application developed by Google to provide Thais with slow or no internet connection an opportunity to view, share, and subscribe to YouTube videos.

Lastly, Google is partnering with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) to register and be verified with Google My Business, which is a free business listing available on its search engine as well as Google Maps, and which will be available through SCB staff who will be visiting local Thai businesses at their locations.


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