SINGAPORE – Lion City-based tech firm Grab, which specializes in providing ride-hailing, ridesharing, and transportation services, has launched GrabPlatform and GrabFresh to further boost its profile and improve its market share in Indonesia.

According to a communication released by the Singapore-headquartered firm, the app will be more than just a ride-hailing and ridesharing app – with the launch of GrabPlatform and GrabFresh, the company intends to transform it into an app that attends to its users’ basic daily needs.

It is for this reason that GrabPlatform was launched – it provides users a platform that provides them not just transportation services, but also news, alerts, e-commerce, and on-demand food and grocery delivery services.

GrabFresh will be handling the on-demand food and grocery delivery feature, powered by HappyFresh, which is Southeast Asia’s premier on-demand grocery shopping and delivery company.

Additionally, Grab is also piloting its news feed feature called Grab Daily, which aims to keep its users engaged and using its apps more while they use the application’s primary ride-hailing and ridesharing feature.

Grab is favoring this approach of having an open platform strategy through partnerships in order for the company to offer much more to its users, which, according to its co-founder Anthony Tan, has been extremely effective in expanding its market share in the region.

It will be remembered that Grab acquired leading Indonesian digital payments service Kudo last year, which has helped expand the company’s bottom line as well as its service offerings.

Likewise, thanks to Grab’s partnership with OVO, the country’s leading e-wallet service provider and TPI (Teknologi Pengangkutan Indonesia), one of the country’s leading car rental services, Grab has been able to rapidly expand in Indonesia.

Grab is facing tight competition in the region, particularly from Indonesian counterpart Go-Jek, which has announced its plans to expand its business to neighboring ASEAN countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Grab merged with erstwhile ride-hailing competitor Uber for its Southeast Asian operations last March.


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