Digital TV ad spend experienced a 65% year-on-year increase last June to the tune of THB3 billion (US$91 million), according to estimates made by Nielsen Thailand.

This development is on the heels of rising ad spend on radio by 7.9% (THB409 million; US$12.3 million), transit media by 24.9% (THB507 million; US$15.3 million), outdoor media by 8.7% (THB575 million; US$17.3 million), in-store media by 10.8% (THB82 million; US$2.5 million), and Internet ad spend by 1.6% (THB128 million; US$3.9 million).

On the other hand, the same research found that cable and satellite TV ad spend decreased by 18.2% (THB220 million; US$6.6 million), while cinema advertisements accounted for a 5.2% decrease (THB662 million; US$19.9 million).

On the whole, total ad spend increased by 14.4% (THB9.6 billion; US$289 billion); however, total ad spend for the first 6 months decreased by 1.6% (THB51.7 billion; US$1.6 billion).


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