Sabina Uses Horror Comedy Theme in Latest Brassiere Ad

When you’re selling women’s undergarments, it’s challenging for brands to find a way to stand out and find a way to highlight a product’s features without using references to sex and erotic themes. Sabina, a top undergarment brand based in Thailand, addresses this challenge by using humor inspired by horror comedy films to sell their latest Wireless Shape bra.

Published on March 5, 2018 on YouTube, the ad features three women, dolled up and wearing cocktail dresses who appear to be in their early 20s to 30s. They huddle together as they explore a dark, seemingly haunted hallway. One of them holds a flashlight to light the path ahead of them. At about four seconds from the start of the video, one of the ladies lets out a loud gasp, startling the other two women who were walking ahead of her.

The startled women turn to face their friend, and the flashlight beam inevitably points at the lady’s chest. The lady explains why she gasped, telling her two companions she just thought she forgot wearing a bra. The camera then focuses on the lady’s cleavage, highlighting the Wireless Shape bra. The two ladies were in disbelief, asking how she can possibly forget wearing a bra when she had a perfect bust shape.

At this point, the ad is able to elaborate on the features of the bra as the lady gasper tells her her friends that the bra is “so comfortable that it’s like wearing none”. She also mentions how the bra offers “smooth coverage” and “fabulous shape without underwire”. One of the ladies appear to be irritated by this answer, saying how this was all “hard sell.”

The lady lets out an audible gasp for the second time, and perhaps for the ad’s one final attempt at humor, the exasperated ladies turn to find a white lady ghost asking for the bra’s brand. The ad clip ends with Sabina’s logo.

Making the Wireless Shape Technology Features Easier to Remember

With so many brassiere options on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish one bra from the rest. Sabina, however, manages to help the viewer remember the best features of their Wireless Shape bra by using a combination of horror and comedy.

The horror comedy theme is a great choice for their target audience, women who are in their 20s to 30s who typically enjoy this type of films. The suspense element present in horror films also keeps the viewer hooked until the end of the ad as they would want to know what the women would discover in their sneaky, haunted hallway adventure.


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