Shopee Attempts to Ride on a Wave of Popularity With Nadech and Yaya’s Baby Shark Interpretation

In early March, Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Shopee released its #ShopeeDanceTH 30-second video ad in Thailand featuring its brand ambassadors, actor Nadech Kugimiya and actress Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund. Both are a well-loved couple in Thai pop culture.

The ad opens with Nadech seemingly anxious about time as Yaya can’t decide about clothes. As Yaya is responding, the Viral Baby Shark song as interpreted by Nadech and Yaya plays in the background and the couple performs the online dance craze. With each hand move and dance, Shopee merchandise magically appear on the screen.

As the ad progresses, more characters join Nadech and Yaya in their dance, including a couple of young adults, a small family with a son who appears to be around seven to nine years old, a group of office workers, and culminates with a big crowd of people of various ages and gender dancing with the couple. The ad ends with a display of Shopee’s official brands.

The ad invites viewers to download the Shopee Baby Shark song and create their own dance clips. They need to share the clip on their Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag #ShopeeDanceTH. For every clip shared, Shopee Shopee donated 100 baht to the SOS Children’s Foundation of Thailand.

Strong Recall

The #ShopeeDanceTH video ad has a strong recall, thanks to the addictive and happy tune of the Baby Shark song. The couple also wears Shopee’s orange and white brand colors all throughout the video. With the use of consistent brand visuals and product images, It does a great job of promoting the Shopee brand and informing the public of its target audience and the kind of products sold on the platform.

The family-friendly music is also an appropriate choice to bring attention to their corporate social responsibility efforts, which is to support a children’s foundation in Thailand. By inviting people to create dance clips and use a tagline, they are spreading awareness about the brand and making it easier for consumers to help them spread the word because they would feel good about doing something for a cause.

Using popular or viral songs such as Baby Shark may sometimes backfire as overused music or images can potentially annoy people. The video received mixed reactions on YouTube, with others complaining how they are sick and tired of hearing Baby Shark. This effect however downplayed by featuring Nadech and Yaya, who are considered an adorable and lovable fantasy couple in Thailand.


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