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Cannes Lions Film 2018 – Awarded Video Campaigns in Southeast Asia

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is one of the biggest events for the creative advertising and marketing communication industry. Here are the Southeast Asian winners who have done their best jobs and been on top of the lists. Campaigns from Thailand were especially very successful, a big round of applause for the agencies and creatives.

Asia NPOs: this free script will maintain & monitor your Ad...

A hardening stance towards policies governing Ad Grants accounts will lead to Google canceling more of them in the future - but this script will keep accounts safe.

Chinese tourism: the next big market segment in Southeast Asia

Chinese tourism in SE Asia is driving economic growth across the region, presenting an interesting - and potentially lucrative - segment for brands to tap into.

Formulating a Mobile App Strategy for the Mobile-First Southeast Asian Market:...

Southeast Asia is the epicenter of mobile adoption and e-commerce innovation with boundless potential for brands to expand their business in. Here’s how to develop a mobile app strategy in this critical, emergent, and mobile device-driven region.

A Country-by-Country Guide to ICO Regulations and Trends in the APAC...

Planning an ICO in the Asia-Pacific region anytime soon? Don't do anything further until you've read our country-by-country primer on what to expect as far as regulations, developments, and trends go.

Understanding the importance of the Muslim consumer segment in Southeast Asia

The Islamic community in SEA is a large, lucrative market bridging the gap between faith and modernity. Here’s what brands should know about marketing to the segment.

Leveraging the Power of Digital for Luxury Brand Expansion in Southeast...

The Southeast Asian market is a largely untouched and potentially lucrative market for luxury brands to enter - here's how they can leverage digital to their advantage and drive their expansion and market share in the region.

Brands: 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest NOW in Southeast Asia

Brands that invest early in their digital marketing capabilities and harness it in a way that considers the Southeast Asian market’s diversity, complexity, and uniqueness are the ones that will end up reaping the fruits of the region’s bounty, and solidify their position as leaders in the market.

Integrated Marketing: The Key to your Campaign’s Success in Southeast Asia

Making plans to expand your business and focus towards the rapidly-growing and potentially lucrative Southeast Asian markets? Don’t begin to do so without focusing on implementing integrated marketing as a cornerstone of your brand’s strategy.